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NWS Winter Weather Safety Campaign begins December 1st

The National Weather Service kicked off it’s Winter Weather Safety Campaign on Friday December 1st.   December 1st marks the beginning of “Meteorological” Winter and we as Weather Ready Nation ambassadors are asked to share tips for winter weather.    With the warm weather we have been getting lately we can become lax in preparing for the winter weather.     Now is the time to get ready for the winter.   Make sure your outside water is turned off and crawl space windows are secured to keep the cold out.   The biggest problem here is generally not the snow but broken pipes due to below freezing temperatures.   For more winter weather tips visit the National Weather Service Winter Storm Safety Tips and Resources webpage at  additional tips can be found on the “Be Prepared” page of our website.  Here is the direct link     Many of us travel out of the area during the winter to visit family and friends either up state or in Pennsylvania.  Take into consideration the differences we see in the weather by just going inland a few miles if you are traveling a hour of more you may see a significant change in conditions.    Plan ahead and check weather and road conditions before you travel and if you anticipate traveling in snow or other winter weather plan accordingly.

Code Red Text Message update . . .

For our Code Red subscribers that have added their Cell phone numbers to database to receive text messages in addition to the regular voice call  (if you haven’t and want to you can by following the Code Red link on the page and add your cell phone) we received an email from Code Red about a change in the “short code” which is the number shown when you receive a Code Red Text Message.     Here is their message:

As a part of our continuous effort to upgrade their technology, CodeRED is making a change to our short code.

What is a short code? – A short five or six digit number sequence that is displayed on the recipient’s phone when they receive a CodeRED message. These codes are designed to be easy to read and remember, allowing your residents to save the number into their address book.

What does this mean to me? – CodeRED SMS text messages and Weather Warning messages will be coming from a different short code (number). The messages will still be delivered in the same, reliable way. There is no action required on your part except to notify your recipient population of this change. This will be a seamless, automatic update for all clients and all accounts.

Key Takeaways:

New Short Code Number: 76993

Be sure to notify your recipient population, so they are aware, and can program the new code into their devices

All other aspects of your service remain the same


Please be advised that the  NEW short code will start on December 13th.

Bottom Line – you don’t have to do anything until you get the next message and if you want then you save the sender to your contacts and name it CODE RED MESSAGE so the following time you get the message you phone instead of showing the five digit number will show CODE RED MESSAGE.    If you don’t get many text messages then you really don’t have to do you anything as you probably read all messages.


Holiday Reminders . . . be vigilant

As we approach Thanksgiving and the beginning of the “shopping” season here are a few reminders from the Emergency Management Staff.
First Thanksgiving is one of the highest traveled days of the year. Please plan before you travel – leave time for delays and try to anticipate possible problems to reduce the stress of the day.
Next is Black Friday – we all like bargains so many of us will be shopping that day to take advantage of the savings however we must not get tunnel vision on the bargain and lose focus of our surroundings while shopping. Criminals, Terrorist and Crazies can show up anywhere. Whenever you enter a store or mall take note of your surroundings, look for the exits, watch for unattended packages, people acting strange or wearing inappropriate clothing for conditions (as to conceal weapons,etc.) Make sure purses, wallets, keys are secured. Make sure your vehicle is secure and anything in your vehicle is not visible to people passing by. Keep the cell phone in your pocket as far too many people focus on their cell phones and are oblivious to their surroundings. Awareness to your surrounding will be the key to your survival in case the unthinkable happens.
Lastly with Christmas, Hanukkah and the other holidays that are observed during this time of the year often brings out the best and worst in people. Whether you are attending an office party, public gathering or worship services keep up your awareness of your surrounding. While the likelihood of anything happening is slim keeping vigilant is in our best interest.

A Tip for Fire Prevention Month

(10/23/17) Following FEMA’s National Preparedness Month in September comes FEMA’s National Fire Prevention Month in October.   To be prepared for a fire is to have a working fire escape for your home and when you have finalized your plan have a fire drill.   The below image tells you what you need to do to be ready.   It should be noted that preparedness has a central theme – plan what to do –  teach it to all the people in your family –  practice / drill your plan – update and change accordingly.

National Preparedness Month - Week Four's Theme - Get Involved! Be Part of Something Larger

(09/25/17) This week’s theme for National Preparedness Month is Get Involved! Be Part of Something Larger.   What we should be doing after we have our home and family prepared is to work with your business, school or faith based group that you belong to and help get them prepared as a group.  Essential what you have done to prepare your family and home can be replicated where you work, attend school and your faith based group.  Specific Preparedness information and tips for business can be found here –  likewise tips for Schools can be found at and lastly tips for your faith based group can be found here –   With so much of preparedness dealing with weather you are also urged join the Weather Ready Nation at   In a major widespread disaster government resources will not be able to handle all the situations that arise.  As you may have seen in the recent hurricane strikes in Texas and Florida much of the assistance was from volunteers groups, large companies and faith based groups.  Preparing your business, school or faith based group will not only help assure their survival but will enhance your survival also.

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July 1, 2014 

As we are already a month into  the new hurricane season and our first tropical storm has been named it is time to check our emergency plans and preparation.   We urge everyone to visit the links on the left hand side of this page.   They are links listed under BE PREPARED.    Preparation is not hard and while most  preparation needs will be the same for everyone each person will have to come up with his or her own plan.    By visiting the suggested websites and tailoring the information to your specific situation you can check your plans and ultimately will be better prepared. 

Also today due to the many requests to be added to the flood notification list we have expanded the flood notification to all residents west of New York Avenue from Spruce to 26th Avenues.     Phones in these areas will be called and a recorded message will played.   There are two messages that can be sent one known as the initial call sent when it appears that flooding will take place and one sent when the siren has been sounded.     These phone calls are sent via the CODE RED Community Alert System.  Read below to how to add your cell or other phone numbers.    REMEMBER this system is used city wide for other notifications so if you are not in the flood prone area you still should visit the CODE RED website and add your alternate phone numbers. 

Currently the Code Red Community Alert System will dial every Verizon and Comcast Phone in North Wildwood.   However with many people relying on Cellular phones the system will enable you to add phones to your address.   Remember this system is based on North Wildwood addresses so when you sign up you need to attach your out of town phone to your North Wildwood address.    Being addressed based the city will be using the system to alert those in flood prone areas of flood warnings, those on the snow emergency routes to move their cars and on occasion when there is a natural gas leak or police emergency a circular area around the incident will be notified.   Those of you visiting this page can follow this link to get a head start on signing up your “other” phones (Click on the CODE RED LOGO)


On the Code Red website you will be asked if you want to add your email address or receive text messages.   We have the ability to duplicate the contents of the voice message into an email and truncated text message.    As this will only be used in an emergency why not add all your contact preferences and methods so you can keep informed.    Also those with “smart” phones will have the capability to download the Code Red App. 

At the  North Wildwood Office of Emergency Management we feel our central job is to keep communications when the normal systems are failing.   Therefore we don’t put one form of communication above another.   At times some may seem simplistic in these times of technology however when normal systems fail we will fall back on them.   That  is why we depend on a fire siren,  AM radio and telephone as basic methods of notification.   We will be using North Wildwood’s AM1640 as the method of communication that can put the most information out.   Please get your self a good AM radio.   Remember when there are no emergencies AM 1640 broadcasts special event information – ever wondered what time the free concert starts and who is playing? it is on AM 1640;  want to know what the start and end times of the festival in the entertainment district?  it’s on AM 1640 as well as the upcoming events for the next several weeks.