North Wildwood’s Emergency Preparedness website

This is something of interest to all concerned about local flooding.   The Office of Emergency Management will be putting a presentation about the local warning systems.



North Wildwood – The City of North Wildwood Program for Public Information Committee will be hosting presentations at the North Wildwood Recreation Center in order to better inform the City’s primary and non-primary residents of flood hazard prevention, home elevations/substantial improvement projects and funding opportunities; as well as ways that homeowners can obtain and reduce flood insurance. Representatives from North Wildwood Office of Emergency Management, J Byrne Agency, Smart Vents Inc. and SJ Hauck House Movers will be presenting on various subject matters pertaining to flood prevention, flood insurance, home elevation and substantial improvements.

Light snacks and refreshments will be available during presentations.

If attending, please RSVP to or call (609) 522-2030 EXT 1260, thank you.

NWS issues Excessive Heat Watch

The National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Watch for this weekend.  With excessive heat we all can do things that help us all get through it – first keep hydrated and cool – drink plenty of fluids and seek cool locations. If you don’t have air conditioning in your home visit locations that have air conditioning. These locations could be a local service clubs, such as the Elks, Moose or KofC (if you are a member), go shopping as almost every store has Air Conditioning, take in a movie or a bingo game in an air conditioned hall, stop by the recreation center or other public buildings that are open to the public and is air conditioned. If you have just a bedroom air conditioner use your bed room as your personal cooling center and don’t wait until bedtime to turn it on. In the event that opening a cooling center is necessary in North Wildwood we utilize the Recreation Center at 900 Central Avenue as the city wide cooling center. Practice the good neighbor policy in that you keep an eye out for your neighbors, especially the elderly, check on them and assist as needed. Many do not have the transportation to take them to cooler locations. Lastly, change your daily habits accordingly – do outside tasks early in the day when it cooler and plan for meals that don’t create additional heat from baking or cooking. Don’t hesitate to put off things such as cutting the lawn and gardening for a few days until it gets cooler – a few days later won’t make that much of a difference.

Stay Alert

Now is the time to take a few minutes to make sure your phone numbers are in North Wildwood’s Code Red Emergency Notification System.   In times of emergencies the various City Emergency Services (Police, Fire and OEM) use the system to notify resident and visitors alike of important information.     While the Code Red System is updated regularly with phone number changes from Verizon and Comcast you shouldn’t take it for granted that you are listed.   It is easy to add yourself to the list by simply going to (the link is on the right hand column of and signing up.  As the system is geo based you will have to have an address in North Wildwood to sign up.    When you sign up you can create a logon so you can come back and update your information – you can add as many phone numbers you want – add your cell phones to get text messages, and add your email to get email messages.     A seasonal resident with a logon can go return to the website and add your cell number when you arrive here and delete your cell number when you go back home.    The Code Red Emergency Notification System is part of the trio of systems that are in place to notify the public of an emergency – the other two being 1640AM and the Emergency Warning Sirens and they are explained briefly below.

1640AM when not used for emergencies plays a continuous loop of city and tourism messages – Messages are updated weekly during the summer season and contain a welcome message, city government information and contact numbers, and what’s happening in the city.     Wonder who is playing this week at the amphitheater – tune to 1640AM to find out.

Emergency warning sirens – there are four distinct patterns that are used to notify the public they are:

  • Structure Fire / Water Rescue – 15 seconds ON 15 second OFF (repeats FOUR times)
  • Flood – 30 second ON 120 Seconds OFF (repeats THREE times)
  • Evacuation – 6 second ON 6 second OFF (repeats continuously for FIVE Minutes)
  • Tornado Warning or Shelter in Place – 300 second ON (sounds continuously for FIVE Minutes)

For the Flood warning those in the flood prone areas will receive a Code Red message,  for the Evacuation, Tornado Warning/Shelter in Place warnings a City Wide Code Red Message will be sent with further information if necessary on 1640AM.    The Structure Fire / Water Rescue sirens are to alert the volunteer fire company members.   The Sirens also have the capability to remotely sound a single test of 6 seconds On.

Terrorism is an event you can prepare for . . .

With the recent terrorist attack in Florida we were reminded that there are hundreds of active investigations into suspected terrorists as well as there are many non-specific threats against the United States by ISIS.  By the general nature of a terrorist attack unless we are part of the intelligence community we will not have a lot of information of when and where it may take place.  Therefore we must be ever diligent in our daily activities and be on the look out for suspicious situations.     Additionally we must be prepared as we would in any emergency to fend for ourselves for an extended period of time.   Why must we be prepared – in a situations of domestic terrorism there may be interruptions or  restrictions on travel, financial transactions,  and communications which will affect things such as food and fuel deliveries.   Think about 9/11 and the restriction of air travel – how many people were stranded in an airport far from home with nothing more than their luggage, how many didn’t have the financial means to get home via ground transportation.      Remember as we mentioned back in November if our communication infrastructure is compromised then things we daily count on such as debit and credit card transactions cannot take place so having necessary funds on hand should be part of your preparation.     While there are companies out there that sell “survival food” kits that contain everything you need it might be more affordable to simply purchase a few extra cans of soup or stew when you go shopping.   Also  grab some of the non-refrigerated or dry milk and cases of bottled water.   If you do this every week or so after a while you should have a good stock pile of food for an emergency and you won’t have a major jump in your monthly expenditures.  Take advantage of special sales such as 10 for 10 or case pricing sales.    Remember these items have a best use by date on them which you want use to rotate through your stock so that you know what to use first.   Get into the habit of refueling your vehicle when the tank goes below 3/4’s of a tank – it doesn’t cost you any more except a few extra minutes of your time and will assure you that you have a full tank of fuel if something was to happen.  Diligence and preparation work together when you start forming habits such as illustrated above keeping your vehicle fueled and purchasing extra store-able food and then further continue to when you enter a place of public assembly you are looking for that unattended package or people that are acting suspiciously  or look out of place such as wearing an overcoat in warm weather to conceal an explosive device.   You should with your significant other or family members get into the habit of jointly pre-planning your actions in case of a fire, terrorist attack, explosion, etc.  every time you enter a new locations.   It starts when you pull up to a new location the first thing is park in a manner you can quickly leave, take note of the entrances, types of doors, fire exits, etc.   Once inside the do the same where are the bathrooms, kitchen entrance, fire exits,  counters or other objects to duck behind, safe escape routes, etc.   Unfortunately for many of us our minds are always thinking in the past, i.e. thinking about what did we or someone else say, do, post, or wore before and some of us our minds are in the future, thinking about what is coming up, the show, dinner, what I am going to do next, etc. rather than paying attention to the NOW – a place where we are in touch with our surroundings, we notice things, feelings and make note of what is going on around us.   Good Police Officers and security professionals pay a lot of attention to their observations and feelings at that specific moment in time.    It can tell them a lot of information.  We too can do the same however it takes a conscious effort to do so.

Lastly, as with Crime Watch you have call in suspicious activities so that local police can investigate the situation you must do the same with suspicious activities that might be associated with terrorism and call the police.     REMEMBER “If you see something, Say something

Call 1-866-4-SAFE-NJ to Report Suspicious Activities

Tropical Depression Bonnie heading our way . . .

As most know June 1st marks the beginning of the Hurricane Season that runs from June to November. All accounts call for a slightly more active year than we have had since 2012. Well the season kicked off a bit early with Tropical Depression Bonnie forming off the southern coast. We will feel the affects of the storm on Monday with heavy rains. Predictions are calling any where from 1.5 to 2.5 inches of rain. The problem with the rain if  it comes during high tide the run off is slowed down which causes street flooding from rain as opposed to street flooding from tidal water.   High tides are 2:50am and 3:38pm. Most likely the afternoon high tide will be the one to watch. With the additional crowds in town for the holiday there is not many open parking spaces to move your vehicles to avoid the flooding so you should plan accordingly. Remember don’t drive through standing water as you don’t the condition of the road surface that you can’t see and often it difficult to estimate the water depth.  Before you leave if you are down for the weekend don’t forget to secure your outdoor furniture and umbrellas as well as trash cans and other items that can blow around or float.

Also for hurricane planning information you can check the links on our “Be Prepared” page accessible by clicking the link in the box on the lower right hand side of the page.     One thing that we at the NWOEM have done is downloaded the FEMA App which gives a lot of great preparedness information but also is a conduit to bring you the latest NWS bulletins.    It is a free app available wherever  you download apps for your phone.   Also check out the Free NOAA Weather app that we at the NWOEM find to be very helpful.   Latest weather and radar always available via the free app.


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July 1, 2014 

As we are already a month into  the new hurricane season and our first tropical storm has been named it is time to check our emergency plans and preparation.   We urge everyone to visit the links on the left hand side of this page.   They are links listed under BE PREPARED.    Preparation is not hard and while most  preparation needs will be the same for everyone each person will have to come up with his or her own plan.    By visiting the suggested websites and tailoring the information to your specific situation you can check your plans and ultimately will be better prepared. 

Also today due to the many requests to be added to the flood notification list we have expanded the flood notification to all residents west of New York Avenue from Spruce to 26th Avenues.     Phones in these areas will be called and a recorded message will played.   There are two messages that can be sent one known as the initial call sent when it appears that flooding will take place and one sent when the siren has been sounded.     These phone calls are sent via the CODE RED Community Alert System.  Read below to how to add your cell or other phone numbers.    REMEMBER this system is used city wide for other notifications so if you are not in the flood prone area you still should visit the CODE RED website and add your alternate phone numbers. 

Currently the Code Red Community Alert System will dial every Verizon and Comcast Phone in North Wildwood.   However with many people relying on Cellular phones the system will enable you to add phones to your address.   Remember this system is based on North Wildwood addresses so when you sign up you need to attach your out of town phone to your North Wildwood address.    Being addressed based the city will be using the system to alert those in flood prone areas of flood warnings, those on the snow emergency routes to move their cars and on occasion when there is a natural gas leak or police emergency a circular area around the incident will be notified.   Those of you visiting this page can follow this link to get a head start on signing up your “other” phones (Click on the CODE RED LOGO)


On the Code Red website you will be asked if you want to add your email address or receive text messages.   We have the ability to duplicate the contents of the voice message into an email and truncated text message.    As this will only be used in an emergency why not add all your contact preferences and methods so you can keep informed.    Also those with “smart” phones will have the capability to download the Code Red App. 

At the  North Wildwood Office of Emergency Management we feel our central job is to keep communications when the normal systems are failing.   Therefore we don’t put one form of communication above another.   At times some may seem simplistic in these times of technology however when normal systems fail we will fall back on them.   That  is why we depend on a fire siren,  AM radio and telephone as basic methods of notification.   We will be using North Wildwood’s AM1640 as the method of communication that can put the most information out.   Please get your self a good AM radio.   Remember when there are no emergencies AM 1640 broadcasts special event information – ever wondered what time the free concert starts and who is playing? it is on AM 1640;  want to know what the start and end times of the festival in the entertainment district?  it’s on AM 1640 as well as the upcoming events for the next several weeks.