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Significant Snowfall "Most Likely"

(01/06/17) The latest National Weather Service Emergency Managers Briefing issued this morning at 10:30AM is predicting “Most Likely” a snowfall of seven inches.   It further indicates that the snowfall can be from zero to a 12 inches depending on the storm track.   Snow will start early Saturday morning and last until the afternoon.  The latest briefing is available via the left hand side link (this page) marked NWS Emergency Manager Briefing.   Just note the latest briefing is always posted at this link by the NWS if there is no new update the last update will remain at the link until a new one is issued.

Everyone is reminded that the North Wildwood Snow Emergency routes are the entire lengths of New Jersey Avenue and Atlantic Avenue. It is important that people who normally park their vehicles on these streets move their vehicles to their driveways or the side streets so public works can plow the Snow Emergency Routes from curb to curb. This is necessary so that emergency vehicles can travel from one end of town to the other safely. Keep the streets clear until the snow has stopped and public works has plowed them. The Snow Emergency Routes are properly signed so don’t wait until get phone call to move your vehicle. Your cooperation may save your life or your neighbors life in the event emergency vehicles have to respond to you or your neighbor.


(01/04/17) Snow? With the predictions of snow for the area on Friday and Saturday which depending on which forecast model you favor the snow could be from a dusting to several inches. Nonetheless now is the time to get ready if you haven’t already done so. Locate the snow scraper / brush for the car windows, get the shovel out and place it near your door or where ever you keep it so it reachable, get the rock salt or other ice melting material you use out of storage and think about what you are planning to do on Friday / Saturday so if the snow fall is more than predicted you can plan alternatives. If you have a few minutes why not click on the BE PREPARED link (lower right hand side) for more information on winter preparation or if you are reading this as an email update please visit and click on the link.

Amateur Radio Operator? Emergency Management depends on Amateur Radio as a back up to our existing systems. The North Wildwood Office of Emergency Management turns to RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) and ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) trained personnel to be radio operators in emergencies. NWOEM is currently looking for Amateur Radio licensed operators to become OEM volunteers. Anybody interested send an email with your name call sign and other contact information to and someone will get back to you.

Hurricane Season Over . . .

(11/30/16) Today marks the end of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. We were fortunate to escape much of the tropical weather this year. Localized tidal flooding still continues to be an issue and is part of living on a barrier island. Understanding and keeping track of how the occasional tidal flooding affects your property will help you prepare for the next one.
Terrorism Awareness . . .
As we enter the holiday or as some see it the “shopping” season of the year we must always keep in mind that terrorism is still a threat and it may show up at any time. Preparing for terrorism is difficult as most of the attackers do not give much advance notice. Sometimes we find out later that perpetrator posted something on social media of his/her intent but finding it after the fact doesn’t help us prepare. We must be in the “aware” mode at all times when we are out shopping or even traveling to our relatives during the holidays. Being in the “aware mode” is simply making note of our surroundings and most importantly processing it with our knowledge and experiences. For example when you walk into a room you make note of the egresses and the pros and cons of each in case you need an escape route or as you enter a room looking at the people there and making note of who is out of place, like wearing a heavy coat when it is warm out (to conceal weapons or explosives), or people look out of place and are avoiding eye contact with everyone, also is there any packages left around that are unattended? For many of us the electronic age has taken over our senses and we find ourselves constantly playing with our phones or listening to music to the point where we don’t hear people talking to us and don’t see the obvious. Practice being in the aware mode as it is a big step toward terrorism preparedness.

What a difference a day makes . . .

(10/05/16) If you have been following Hurricane Matthew you would have noticed that yesterday’s 11AM NHC update had the path about 60 miles off shore and then the 8PM update showed the hurricane’s path about 120 miles off shore and this mornings 8AM update shows Hurricane Matthew making a right turn at North Carolina and heading out to sea. At appears that Hurricane Matthew is heading towards Tropical Storm Nicole. New Jersey is no longer in the prediction cone. As with any weather situation things can change but the likelihood of it affecting New Jersey has diminished greatly.

You should use the threat of a hurricane coming our way as learning tool and take a moment to review what you were planning on doing and what you need to do in the event a Hurricane was to hit our area.  If you did nothing and not sure what to do and you’re reading this in an email  sent to you  visit our website at and follow the link in the box marked “All Hazards Emergency Preparation Information available here “Be Prepared””.  There is plenty of information about what to do and how to prepare.   If you are reading this on the website simply look for the “Be Prepared” box on the lower right hand side of the page and click on the link or click on the “Be Prepared” link on the top bar of this page.

A word about preparation – while emergency planners like to make lists for each different type of possible scenario’s (Hurricane, Ice Storm, Tornado, etc) looking at all of them there is a common thread in all preparation – leave your home (Evacuate) or stay at home (or as we like to say “Shelter in Place”) you should incorporate these both paths in your every day living.     For example – keep your medications, important papers, extra clothes readily available and have an evacuation bag with a check list of what to grab  in case you have to Evacuate and on the other hand purchase extra dry and can goods, keep  several cases of bottled water on hand and rotate through them so you have ample food supplies in case you have to shelter in place.   Preparation will lead to less stress and less losses of your hard earned property and assure the safety of your family members and pets.

Hurricane Matthew a threat? Time to plan . . .

While it is still too far out to determine the exact path of Hurricane Matthew it is the time to pay attention. Undoubtedly we will get some impact from the hurricane. Using a program for Emergency Managers – which receives information from the NHC the last prediction at the time of this posting they made shows the center of the track just off of South Carolina on Saturday at 8AM. Projecting it forward landfall should be in North Carolina the next day and it continues up the coast. We should feel the affects when it reaches the lower Delmarva peninsula sometime on late Monday when it will be 100 miles away. We should start to see a change in weather then and if the hurricane continues at the same speed and path most likely late Monday or Tuesday we should start receiving the worst of what we’ll get.   As noted things can change and there are over 20 different forecast models and they are all slightly different but in the same general consensus. In addition we must pay attention to the weather coming across the county as it will affect the hurricane’s path. With the Internet we don’t have to wait for someone to tell us what the weather will be – we can get the same information directly.

Here are a couple of sites to follow: For an overall look at the weather across the USA and what might be headed our way the National Weather Service has a webpage called the Daily Briefing For official hurricane information visit The National Hurricane Center –  Also there are a couple of weather sites that import a lot of data from other sites and show a graphic with all the forecast models.  They are: Louisiana Hurricane Center’s page and Mike’s Weather Page   The last two websites appear to be non-governmental sites however the information appears to be sourced from official weather sites.

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July 1, 2014 

As we are already a month into  the new hurricane season and our first tropical storm has been named it is time to check our emergency plans and preparation.   We urge everyone to visit the links on the left hand side of this page.   They are links listed under BE PREPARED.    Preparation is not hard and while most  preparation needs will be the same for everyone each person will have to come up with his or her own plan.    By visiting the suggested websites and tailoring the information to your specific situation you can check your plans and ultimately will be better prepared. 

Also today due to the many requests to be added to the flood notification list we have expanded the flood notification to all residents west of New York Avenue from Spruce to 26th Avenues.     Phones in these areas will be called and a recorded message will played.   There are two messages that can be sent one known as the initial call sent when it appears that flooding will take place and one sent when the siren has been sounded.     These phone calls are sent via the CODE RED Community Alert System.  Read below to how to add your cell or other phone numbers.    REMEMBER this system is used city wide for other notifications so if you are not in the flood prone area you still should visit the CODE RED website and add your alternate phone numbers. 

Currently the Code Red Community Alert System will dial every Verizon and Comcast Phone in North Wildwood.   However with many people relying on Cellular phones the system will enable you to add phones to your address.   Remember this system is based on North Wildwood addresses so when you sign up you need to attach your out of town phone to your North Wildwood address.    Being addressed based the city will be using the system to alert those in flood prone areas of flood warnings, those on the snow emergency routes to move their cars and on occasion when there is a natural gas leak or police emergency a circular area around the incident will be notified.   Those of you visiting this page can follow this link to get a head start on signing up your “other” phones (Click on the CODE RED LOGO)


On the Code Red website you will be asked if you want to add your email address or receive text messages.   We have the ability to duplicate the contents of the voice message into an email and truncated text message.    As this will only be used in an emergency why not add all your contact preferences and methods so you can keep informed.    Also those with “smart” phones will have the capability to download the Code Red App. 

At the  North Wildwood Office of Emergency Management we feel our central job is to keep communications when the normal systems are failing.   Therefore we don’t put one form of communication above another.   At times some may seem simplistic in these times of technology however when normal systems fail we will fall back on them.   That  is why we depend on a fire siren,  AM radio and telephone as basic methods of notification.   We will be using North Wildwood’s AM1640 as the method of communication that can put the most information out.   Please get your self a good AM radio.   Remember when there are no emergencies AM 1640 broadcasts special event information – ever wondered what time the free concert starts and who is playing? it is on AM 1640;  want to know what the start and end times of the festival in the entertainment district?  it’s on AM 1640 as well as the upcoming events for the next several weeks.