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This mornings minor flooding by the numbers.

This mornings minor flooding, which was not called for in yesterdays Weather Briefing from the NWS, crested at 6.44 feet above MLLW at 7:00AM.   This mornings high tide was at 6:28AM. Primarily Delaware Avenue was flooded with some other roadways having water at the curb mainly due to the rain.  The Northeast winds at the beginning of the storm was the main reason for the higher than expected tides. As the cold front came in the wind shifted more westerly so flooding at subsequent high tides is not expected.

This morning water by this numbers

(01/24/17) This mornings flooding by the numbers – at around 2AM the wind shifted from NE to N then to NW and the gust slowed down this assisted in keeping the tide in check and the tide crested at 7.11 feet at 5:42AM.   This was slightly lower than last night’s high tide of 7.17 feet but without the heavy rain we seemed to have less water in the streets.    Also with the westerly wind the water drained quicker this morning than last night.   At the time of this posting the tide was lower than it was at yesterdays low tide.   Starting with a lower low tide makes the chances of tidal flooding at the next high less.  We at the Office of Emergency Management provide the after storm numbers in order to help residents and visitors alike make decisions from the facts that are presented to them in terms of weather predictions and other changing conditions.  Our hope is everyone that reads the numbers after a flooding situation make note of the water height and where it came up on their property so that the next time a weather forecast comes out and gives predicted flood heights you can take appropriate actions.

Flooding by the numbers . . . Same for tomorrow

(01/23/17  10:00 PM) Tidal Flooding is predicted for tomorrow morning and also tomorrow evening.  The high tide times are this morning at 5:22AM and for the evening high tide it is at 5:40 PM.

The number for today- this evenings high tide crested at 7,17 above MLLW at 5:40 PM enhanced by the rain and wind the tide flooded Delaware, most of New York and side streets up to New Jersey Avenue. Other locations had curb flooding due to the rains and poor draining during the time of high tide. Additionally while the tide gauge showed the tide going down well over a foot at the time of this posting the water in the streets have gone down little due to the high tide closing the flapper valves. Low tide is at 11:04 PM and hopefully water will start to drain. A few minutes ago the tide height was 5.71 feet. The wind has been a major part of the storm. The North Wildwood weather station records wind speeds every two minutes and they have been constantly in the upper 20 mph with several times in the low 30 mph for the better part of the day. Some gusts are undoubtedly well above the steady winds. While the flooding covered a lot of area it still falls in the minor flooding which the NWS defines as 6.7 feet to 7.7 feet followed by moderate at 7.7 feet and major at 8.7 feet.

Residents are reminded that they can get a copy of the tide prediction tables (for everyday high and low tides) on the website. On the lower left hand side is a link saying 2017 tide charts.  It opens to a .pdf document.  This year the charts are three months on a page rather than a page a month. These were created directly from the NOAA website and contain the latest information.

Minor Flooding a Concern this afternoon and tomorrow morning . . .

(01/23/17) Minor Flooding is expected during this afternoon’s high tide at 4:52 PM. The flooding is predicted to be in the 7.5 to 8.0 foot range which will put water on Delaware Avenue, some sections of New York and up to New Jersey Avenue in the gutters on some side streets. Residents should take all precautions to protect their vehicles and property. For those that follow the North Wildwood tide gauge and weather station you can see that the sustained high NE winds have kept the tide from going out thus adding additional water for this afternoons high tide. Tide heights of the same amounts are predicted for the 5:22 AM High Tide on Tuesday Morning.

Severe Weather Coming . . .

(01/20/17) The latest update from the NWS Emergency Manager Briefings show Severe weather is a concern for Sunday through Tuesday. Predictions call for 20 to 35 mph winds with gusts to 45 mph, one to three inches of rain, Freezing rain on Sunday night and a Wintry mix on Monday night, and Minor flooding which could turn into moderate flooding if the storm stalls. Residents should check local news media or the National Weather Service for the latest updates. Regarding flooding heavy rain during the high tide periods which are on Saturday at 2:52AM and 3:02PM and Sunday 3:45AM and 3:59PM will cause flooding due to slow rain water drainage. Residents should take all precautions to move their vehicles and protect their property.  The latest NWS Emergency Manager Briefings are available from a link on the left hand side of this page or if you’re reading this in an email update visit the website – for the link.

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July 1, 2014 

As we are already a month into  the new hurricane season and our first tropical storm has been named it is time to check our emergency plans and preparation.   We urge everyone to visit the links on the left hand side of this page.   They are links listed under BE PREPARED.    Preparation is not hard and while most  preparation needs will be the same for everyone each person will have to come up with his or her own plan.    By visiting the suggested websites and tailoring the information to your specific situation you can check your plans and ultimately will be better prepared. 

Also today due to the many requests to be added to the flood notification list we have expanded the flood notification to all residents west of New York Avenue from Spruce to 26th Avenues.     Phones in these areas will be called and a recorded message will played.   There are two messages that can be sent one known as the initial call sent when it appears that flooding will take place and one sent when the siren has been sounded.     These phone calls are sent via the CODE RED Community Alert System.  Read below to how to add your cell or other phone numbers.    REMEMBER this system is used city wide for other notifications so if you are not in the flood prone area you still should visit the CODE RED website and add your alternate phone numbers. 

Currently the Code Red Community Alert System will dial every Verizon and Comcast Phone in North Wildwood.   However with many people relying on Cellular phones the system will enable you to add phones to your address.   Remember this system is based on North Wildwood addresses so when you sign up you need to attach your out of town phone to your North Wildwood address.    Being addressed based the city will be using the system to alert those in flood prone areas of flood warnings, those on the snow emergency routes to move their cars and on occasion when there is a natural gas leak or police emergency a circular area around the incident will be notified.   Those of you visiting this page can follow this link to get a head start on signing up your “other” phones (Click on the CODE RED LOGO)


On the Code Red website you will be asked if you want to add your email address or receive text messages.   We have the ability to duplicate the contents of the voice message into an email and truncated text message.    As this will only be used in an emergency why not add all your contact preferences and methods so you can keep informed.    Also those with “smart” phones will have the capability to download the Code Red App. 

At the  North Wildwood Office of Emergency Management we feel our central job is to keep communications when the normal systems are failing.   Therefore we don’t put one form of communication above another.   At times some may seem simplistic in these times of technology however when normal systems fail we will fall back on them.   That  is why we depend on a fire siren,  AM radio and telephone as basic methods of notification.   We will be using North Wildwood’s AM1640 as the method of communication that can put the most information out.   Please get your self a good AM radio.   Remember when there are no emergencies AM 1640 broadcasts special event information – ever wondered what time the free concert starts and who is playing? it is on AM 1640;  want to know what the start and end times of the festival in the entertainment district?  it’s on AM 1640 as well as the upcoming events for the next several weeks.