About North Wildwood’s Ready Website

As we enter 2019 it is probably helpful to new viewers of the website to remind everyone of the resources that are available on this Website that can make a difference.   Starting below the masthead at the top of the page the navigation bar which starts with HOME which is the page that you are currently on, next is BE PREPARED which brings you to the Be Prepared page which will fill the center portion of the page with Preparedness links (more about them later) and lastly CITY OF NORTH WILDWOOD WEBSITE which brings you to the main City of North Wildwood Website.   Emergency information from the city will be posted is the center section marked BREAKING NEWS.

Back to the Ready.NorthWildwood.com website  – the center section is updated about 12-15 times a year and will generally have a preparedness theme rather than breaking news which is posted on the Emergency Management FACEBOOK page.   On the Right side is a box that you can sign up to receive updates to this website (that is anytime the center section is updated) below that is box with a link to sign up for the CODE RED Emergency Communication System that the City uses and below that is a box with the BE PREPARED link which changes the center to show Preparedness links (Same page as the BE PREPARED link at the top of page goes to).

Next on the LEFT HAND Side are links that generally are weather or environment links – Starting at the top and going down is the list of links along with a brief description

CODE RED Emergency Communications Network brings you to the Code Red sign up page for North Wildwood where you can add your cell phone and other phone numbers other than the hard line Verizon and Comcast numbers which are automatically entered in the system.

National Hurricane Center   – brings you to the National Hurricane Center where you’ll find the latest updates on hurricanes that may affect our area.

NWS Weather for North Wildwood – This will bring you to the National Weather forecast for North Wildwood.   Whenever you hear of a Watch or Warning issued for our area when you follow this link to show the weather for North Wildwood it will also display a link to the text portion of the Watch or Warning.   Reading the text portions will show specific information such as snow or flood heights or timing for the storm to reach a specific town.

NWS EMERGENCY MANAGER BRIEFING    – This link will display the latest NWS Briefing for Emergency Managers – just note if there is no briefing issued the last briefing will be posted so if we haven’t had a major storm in a few months the briefing from several month ago will be displayed.    Not every storm warrants a briefing.   During a storm a briefing will tell you when the next one will be issued.

Weather Underground website  – this brings you the Weather Underground weather map which shows data from personal weather stations that are connected to the Internet.    North Wildwood currently has two such weather stations one at 10th and Delaware and the other at 22nd and Surf Avenues.    Both are good for local weather conditions but remember these are often inexpensive weather stations and depending on where they are located in relation to the house they readings can be slightly different in their measurements.

Tornado Chasers weather map   –  For severe weather followers this takes to a webpage that has a US map with the weather displayed on it along with icons for vehicles with live weather cams.  Unless there is a chance of tornadoes there may not be any watchers broadcasting live.

Intellicast weather map   – Brings you to a National Weather map showing weather radar for the US along with many drop downs for different views of weather conditions.  A good resource for those interested in Weather.

Earthquake website      Brings you to the US Geological Survey website where it shows you the latest earthquakes and if there was one in our area you can enter a “Felt” report online.   There are far more earthquakes than you hear of on the news.

Space weather (for solar flares, CME’s, etc.)  – Space weather is a great place to find out what is happening in the sky, such as auroras,  eclipses, aviation radiation,  sun spots and much more.   Good resource for those that want to know.

City of North Wildwood Weather Station and tide gauge    –  This link brings you to the North Wildwood weather station and tide gauge located at the Boat Ramp at 5th and the bay.   This is a professional weather station and tide gauge maintained by the city.    The tide gauge reading are in the MLLW (Mean Low Low Water) datum that is used the by the National Weather Service when they predict tidal flooding.

2019 Tide Charts   These are the tide height predictions from NOAA and are for Nummy Island which is the area behind North Wildwood closest to the tide gauge.

NWOEM Brochure  –  This is a link to the North Wildwood OEM Preparedness brochure that has information that is useful in preparedness planning.  The brochure can be read on line, downloaded and printed out.

NWOEM Facebook Page – This is a link to the North Wildwood OEM Facebook page

CMC Tidal Flooding Awareness – This is a link to the New Cape May County Tidal Flooding Awareness page

NOW a quick review of the links on the BE PREPARED page –

New Jersey OEM Hurricane Survival Guide    This brings you to the NJ OEM Hurricane Survival Guide that can be downloaded or printed out for reference.

CAPE MAY COUNTY EVACUATION ROUTES – This is a map of the designated  Cape May County Evacuation routes.

NJ Ready Website –  New Jersey Office of Emergency Management website

National Ready website – The National Ready Website – great information and source of much of our preparedness information.

Cape May County Emergency Information – Cape May County Office of Emergency Management Website

Tsunami Preparedness information – Being a coastal community something we are always concerned with is a Tsunami.   Believe it or not several years ago a Tsunami hit the North Jersey coast.  Nothing major but nonetheless a Tsunami.   (note website currently down for the Government shutdown)

CDC Winter Storm Checklist – The Center for Disease Control winter storm checklist.  On this page is links to other situations such as what to do if a volcano erupted and much more.

Tornado Preparedness Checklist  – Another thing that can affect us is tornadoes and this will bring you to the CDC tornado Checklist page directly.

CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response Website – Similar to the last two links this brings you to the Main page of the CDC Emergency Preparedness website

NJ Register Ready – This brings you to NJ Register Ready website where people with Special Needs should register so that in the event of an emergency first responders can check to find who may have special needs and respond accordingly.

It hoped by providing explanations of the links that you may take the opportunity to explore the links to help you in your quest to be prepared for the next emergency.