In Emergency Management we update our Emergency Operations Plans regularly taking into consideration Lessons Learned. Lessons learned are experiences distilled from past activities that should be actively taken into account in future actions and behaviors. When we make emergency operation plans we take into consideration what we expect the conditions will be, what resources we will have, what we want for an outcome and lastly what did we learn the last time we had a similar event. This is the same as you will do when you make your family emergency plans so you know what to do in a tornado warning, or what you would do if you had to shelter in place. However, many of the events you will plan for you most likely have never experienced so for those events we look for preparedness best practices to see what works the best for most. We provide preparedness information on our website, on the right hand side by following the link marked Be Prepared. Many times we can learn lessons or different ways of doing things from watching what works for others. With the weather becoming more severe we can learn a lot by watching the weather events or storm that occur in other areas. Watching videos and other reports about the flooding, tornadoes and heavy rain that occurred with the remnants of hurricane Ida provide us with information that can be used in making plans for a similar event if it would occur in our area. While watching the storm videos take a moment to consider what you would do if what you are watching occurred here. Ask yourself “Are you Ready”.