The National Weather Service issued a Flood Advisory and then a Flood Watch over the weekend.   At 7:04AM the Code Red Flood message went out to those that live in the flood prone areas.   A little while later at 7:15 AM the Flood Sirens were sounded.   Not known at the time apparently the flood siren at 21st and Delaware failed to go off.   City Electricians will be checking the siren when they can get to it when the flood waters subside.   This morning’s 7:29AM high tide peaked at 7.88 feet at  9:04 AM and started going down at 9:17AM.    Tonight’s 7:52PM High Tide is predicted to be in the same range of 7.5 feet while tomorrow (Tuesday) morning’s high tide at 8:14AM is supposed to be closer to 8.0 feet and possibly higher.   The October flooding was 8.14 feet which caused New Jersey Avenue in the vicinity of the Elk’s Lodge to be flooded which closed access in and out of town via North Wildwood Blvd.   Residents are urged to take all necessary  precautions to protect their property and  vehicles.        A City wide Code Red Message will be sent at 5PM to alert residents to the potential moderate flooding.    On the positive side the NWS briefing calls for little or no snow for Southern Cape May County and there is no high wind warnings associated with the storm.