The winter season brings many weather related events that will affect our area such as rain, snow, ice and an occasional tidal flooding. The good thing for us is there never has been a time that there is more detailed information on weather from readily accessible satellite pictures, animated forecast models, online weather stations and Nexrad weather radar images that are available on your smart phone or Internet connected computer. For some there is too much information and they are just satisfied with a weather reporter reading off of a published forecast during the nightly news. Others like to have advance notice of a storm when it is in the “possible” stage and follow it as it evolves into the storm that will affect our area. Whatever type of person you are there is one thing that needs to be done and that is you get into an everyday routine to check the weather. To learn more about the weather visit the links on the left hand side of this page listed under IMPORTANT LINKS. From time to time we have gone over these links in detail on this page to see previous posts scroll down on this page until you see “Click here for archive notices” and you can see the past posts.

You may notice the 2021 Tide Charts or tide tables are already posted. Click on the link and download the tide predictions for our area for the entire year. Lastly one thing we like to mention before each winter is the Snow Emergency Routes. North Wildwood has designated that New Jersey Avenue and Atlantic Avenue are the snow emergency routes. We ask that if there is a forecast of snow coming to move your vehicle to a side street so that the roadway can be plowed curb to curb. There is a specific Code Red message that has been created to notify residents on Atlantic and New Jersey Avenues of the Snow Emergency Route. The message is a reminder not an alert that the snow emergency route has been activated – once snow covers the street the snow emergency route is active so please do not wait until you get a message to move your car.