North Wildwood’s Preparedness / Awareness Week usually is held in mid-April but this year due to the pandemic it was postponed until now.   Preparedness / Awareness Week is being observed Monday –  May 18th to Friday May 22nd, 2020.  The week is a time where all municipal departments review their preparedness for disaster or emergency events prior to Hurricane Season.  During this week the Office of Emergency Management and other departments will be posting tips on their respective Facebook Pages on preparedness and information on the municipal warning systems, such as Code Red Emergency Notification System, 1640 AM Radio Station and the Warning Sirens to help the public be more aware of these systems which is the Awareness part of the week. On Wednesday May 20th at 11AM there will be a test of the Tornado Siren.   Prior to that on Tuesday and Wednesday at 10AM the OEM will be sending a City Wide Code Red Message about the siren test.   It is a time to see if you are receiving Code Red Messages.  More information will be posted Code Red Messages, who gets them, how to register, etc. will be posted on the OEM Facebook page on Monday to start the week off.   The Facebook page will be updated daily during the week with different information the warning systems and preparedness.    A week ago it was Hurricane Preparedness Week and we posted daily information on what to do to be prepared for a hurricane.    We ask that all residents take a moment this week to ask themselves to check their personal preparedness plans and check their personal equipment – one example is getting the hip boots out of the closet and see if they are still in good shape, etc.