Probably the number one thing that we have to be prepared for is a weather-related event. This could be a hurricane, a severe thunderstorm, or tidal flooding. One positive thing about weather-related events we always have some indication that something is possible. These indications come from long-range forecasts, severe weather outlooks, as well as the more closer to the event advisories, watches, and warnings. One of our duties as emergency managers is to show the public how to access the necessary information to be prepared.

We provide many links for a list of things to do to be prepared on this website under the heading “Be Prepared” we also provide many links to weather-related websites. While the information obtained by clicking on the links will provide plenty of preparedness and weather information none of it is of value unless it’s checked on a regular basis. Knowing that weather is one of our biggest threats one should then try to it make it a habit to check the weather regularly. An easy way to develop a new habit is to connect it to an existing habit. As most weather resources are Internet-related then a good time to check the weather is when you check your email.

For the big picture start your day with the Daily Briefing (Click Here) a one-stop weather page by the National Weather Service. In addition to the forecast map, there are links to every type of forecast that the NWS offers. If you want to look at something closer to home the next location one should check is the local NWS forecast (Click Here) where you find a seven-day forecast as well as the Hazardous Weather Outlook which shows you if potential hazardous weather is predicted. By checking the weather every day you will start to understand the weather patterns for our area. As you will now have an idea of what to expect we need something to alert us when severe weather is near our area. With almost everyone having a smartphone we can download apps that can alert us and provide near real-time weather radar. There are many apps out there, unfortunately, many are just ad platforms that you end up wasting a lot of time looking for the weather information between advertisements. There are two apps that we like – first, the no-nonsense weather-only NWSNOW weather app that is not available at the Google Play store but at their website NWSNOW has no ads only weather information including current and hourly conditions plus the seven-day forecast next we like the FEMA App which is available at the Google Play store. The FEMA app has a feature where you can receive alerts plus provides preparedness information. Both apps allow you to enable which alerts you want to receive. Only the NWSNOW app provides forecast information and weather radar. When it comes to hurricane information we like long-range information on the National Hurricane Center Website when the storm gets closer to our area what to expect is incorporated into the local NWS forecasts so we look at the local forecasts for weather predictions. Once weather watching becomes a habit you will know what to expect and be ready for any weather event that occurs. Remember the further from the event you know something is coming the better you can be prepared for it.