As we enjoy the nice October weather, which many of us  think is the best time of the year at the shore,  it is time to begin to prepare for the upcoming winter weather.   Looking at the long range winter predictions of the National Weather Service, Farmer’s Almanac and various other YouTube weather forecasters we could be in for a cold mixed winter.    With the upper mid-west seeing an early winter, with snow and unusually cold weather perhaps some of the forecasts that are calling for snow and coastal storms for our area might be correct.   With that in mind now is the time we should be making preparations for the winter.    As we have pointed out before many of the things you do to be prepared for one event, such as a hurricane, can be carried over to another event, such as a snow storm.  For example the same food supplies you had stored to use during a hurricane can be used during a snow storm where you can’t get out.   If you are on top of your preparedness all you have to do is to prepare for what is different from one event to the other, that is, in the winter we have freezing temperatures along with snow or ice that you wouldn’t prepare for other times of the year.     Taking that in to consideration you should have only a few things to do to be prepared.      If you are new to preparedness you are urged to visit the many resources that are on our BE PREPARED page which can be accessed at the link at the top of this page or the link on the Right Hand Column.    Take a few minutes before the winter weather arrives in our area to see if you’re prepared.